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Developments in Direct Payments

John Lord, Peggy Hutchison, and Brian Salisbury have a chapter in a New British book called Direct Payments.

Facilitating an Everyday Life

Independent Facilitation and what really matters in a New Story

Independent facilitation frees facilitators to be dedicated to citizens who experience vulnerability because of labels, disability, chronic illness, poverty, or aging. Facilitators are independent of biases from others such as service systems and funding bodies.

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Independent facilitation puts belief and hope in community because that is where relationships and safeguards play out for all of us.

Independent facilitation builds resilience and capacity in individuals, families, and communities.

Independent facilitation flourishes when it is embedded in community, in facilitator networks, and is supported by local action and government policy.

This book is for people like us, people who want to make a difference, who want to feel free to be dedicated to a person; to citizens who experience vulnerability. People who want to use an effective process that is a change maker. Independent facilitation is an emerging craft. Facilitators in the New Story believe that community is always the answer. We reject approaches that do not lead people to relationships in their community. And while independent facilitation may touch the service system to access supports for a person, it is independent of agendas, expectations, and accountabilities of service systems.
John, Barbara & Charlotte

Friends & Inclusion: Five Approaches to Building Relationships

This book is all about relationships and their importance in building an inclusive life! It’s that simple and that complex. But that is true for all of us; it takes work to build and sustain friendships. If you happen to experience a disability, building relationships must be more intentional. We all need to Belong. Peggy, John & Karen describe their personal search and exploration of five approaches to building the good life that Karen enjoys. Let Karen be your mentor. She has it figured out for herself – with a little help from her friends.

For more information check out Peggy Hutchison’s website.

Impact: Changing the Way We View Disability

This is a story of resilience and possibilities, as people with disabilities take charge of their own lives and work with others to create positive change in their community. This book highlights 25 years of the Independent Living movement in Canada. It shows how the move to citizenship and consumer direction has had an enormous impact on the lives of Canadians with disabilities.

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“Networks for Change: Nurturing Leadership & Collaboration”

Keynote address made at the  Waterloo Wellington Mental Health & Addictions Network Launch, May 5, 2009

“Celebrating, Learning, and Inspiring Action” a Social Innovation Report

Summary Report of the Forum on Research-Inspired Social Innovation and Community Change in Waterloo Region, sponsored by the Centre for Community Based Research and its partners, Social Innovation Generation/University of Waterloo and the Region of Waterloo, December 2008

Independent Facilitation in Ontario: Governance and Structure Issues

This presentation was made to the Independent Planning and Facilitation Symposium, Guelph, Dec. 2, 2008

Individualized Funding in Ontario: Report of a Provincial Study

This article appeared in the  Journal on Developmental Disabilities Communicator, Volume 14, No.2,  2008

Shared Values, Networks and Trust Among Canadian Consumer Driven Disability Organizations

This article was published in the Disability Studies Quarterly,  Volume 28, No 1, Winter 2008

Closing Institutions: Myths and Realities

PDF of Power Point Presentation made at “Freedom, Reconciliation, and Community Living for All; A Forum on Deinstitutionalization”, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan May 3, 2007.