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New Story Commentary

The New Story challenges us to reflect on how we live and act in the world. Many questions emerge when we consider the idea that everyone should be able to access an everyday life. This thinking impacts our attitudes and our willingness to create welcoming neighbourhoods and communities.

We can think of the New Story as a narrative with citizenship at the core. When we can live full lives as citizens, we embrace diversity and participate with others in a range of community experiences. Our labels or disabilities should not limit the way we participate and contribute. Too many citizens have been silenced because of negative attitudes and structural barriers. New Story advocates work to reduce these barriers, while at the same time developing community alternatives that enable everyone to experience an everyday life.

Family networks and independent facilitation are examples of community alternatives that enhance the New Story. When combined with individualized funding, these new functions contribute significantly to building the resilience of individuals and families. Independent Facilitation is especially powerful when facilitators work from an inclusion framework that includes self-determination and community.